Things We Want

Columbia University Players, October 2015
Things We Want by Jonathan Marc Sherman
Directed by Eric Wimer
Scenic Design by Christina Tang
Lighting Design by Elizabeth Schweitzer
Costume Design by Evan Morris
Sound and Video Design by Anika Benkov

“A dirty, sexy, suicide comedy” – author Jonathan Marc Sherman.

The whole action is confined to the New York apartment where the parents of Sty, Teddy, and Charlie jumped out the window. It is present day, and Sty, Teddy, and Charlie are confronting life alone after school with casual alcoholic bliss, mantra-obsessed posturing, and wrecked romantic panic, respectively. Enter Stella, the girl next door and a concert pianist who lost the use of her hand. Together they try to deal with their limitations, usually through jokes, grandiosity, and the constantly deflecting power of language. Youth will not die easily, but should it? Screwball comedy, gags, and coy philosophy on the surface. Post-college midlife-crisis below.

Photos by Finola Goudy.


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