Corkscrew Downstairs

Corkscrew Theater Festival, The Paradise Factory. July 2019.
Four workshop productions sharing one highly flexible repertory set (and one design team).

All Scenic Design by Dan Daly, Lighting Design by Christina Tang, and Props Design by Cinthia Chen.

A Dolls House: A New Opera
Written and Composed by Grace Oberhofer
Directed by Allison Benko, Music Direction by Robert Frost, Choreography by Sarah Crane, Costume Design by Emily Bono

DollsHouseOpera Teasers-14DollsHouseOpera Teasers-4

Hootenanny Twelfth Night
Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Thomas Kapusta, Costume Design by Ilana Breitman


Walt Whitman BodyJolt
Written and directed by Alex Hare
Based on the words of Walt Whitman
Music compositions by Van Broh, Choreography by Katie Roe McLaughlin & Natalie Michelle Hratko, Costume Design by Karen Boyer

BodyJolt Photocall Teasers-2BodyJolt Photocall Teasers-5

Written and created by Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood
Co-directed by Katherine Wilkinson, Costume design by Dominique Kaplowitz, Music by Amanda d’Archangelis, Video by Soleil Grant


Photography: Dolls House and BodyJolt photos by Justin McCallum, Hootenany photos by Emma Wainwright, Stone pictures by Ajo

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