(Untitled) The Black Act

Kia LaBeija’s Untitled, The Black Act offers a contemporary interpretation of the third act of Oskar Schlemmer’s early Bauhaus performance Triadic Ballet (Das triadische Ballett), 1922. This act is often described as the “black act,” to refer to the fantasy, mysticism, and infinite void of the black stage.

Featuring Kia LaBeija, Daniella Agosto, Selena Ettienne, Khristina Cayetano, Taína Larot and Terry Lovette.

Contemporary costumes designed in collaboration with Kyle Luu, with live music score by Kenn Michael featuring Warren Benbow.

Lighting Design by Christina Tang.

Co-commissioned by Performance Space New York and Performa, and presented as part of the Performa Biennial celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus. Performed at Performance Space New York, November 2019.

Photos by Julieta Cervantes, Paula Court, and Christina Tang.

KiaLaBeija-JulietaCervantes (1)Kia LaBeijaKiaLaBeija-6-JulietaCervantes (1)KiaLaBeija-3-JulietaCervantes (1)20191107_193933_CT20191107_193440_CT

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